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Mrs. Marie Sol Serrano Ruiz, with a background in Chemical Engineering and an MBA with a minor in Finance specializing in Logistics and Planning, possesses a strong educational foundation. Her professional experience at Colgate Palmolive, particularly in roles such as Global Logistics Excellence Manager and Global Transportation Manager, showcases her expertise in optimizing supply chain operations and implementing global initiatives. She has successfully developed comprehensive programs to improve performance, managed multimillion-dollar budgets, and demonstrated the ability to lead and motivate teams. Additionally, she has a solid understanding of supply chain development, logistics processes, and negotiation skills. Her notable achievements include developing the Colgate Global Logistics Learning Program, achieving significant cost savings through global ocean freight procurement, and successfully managing supply chains during challenging times. Furthermore, her professional memberships and accolades, such as being a member of the Association of Supply Chain Management and receiving multiple awards for excellence, highlight her commitment to continuous improvement and industry recognition.

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